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Use this script to rename all Folders, Files and File Contents.
For example, you have a solution named ExampleSolution which contains projects called Example.Web and classes named ExampleClass. You would like to create a new solution named WidgetSolution which is very similar to ExampleSolution. This PowerShell script will replace all instances of "Example" with "Widget."


1. Create a copy of your original project into a new directory for renaming
2. It is not necessary, but it is cleaner to remove all compiled code (obj, bin, etc)
3. Copy the FalafelSolutionRename.ps1 file to the directory that contains the solution you want renamed
4. Open the PowerShell scripting window
5. Change the directory to the path that contains the script and the solution
6. Run the script with 2 parameters, stringToReplace and ReplaceWith

PS C:\Solutions\WidgetSolution> .\FalafelSolutionRename.ps1 Example Widget

Make sure your ExecutionPolicy is set to allow scripts to run.

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